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Best Cairo Day Tours​

Welcome to the ultimate destination for unforgettable Cairo Day Tours! We understand that your travel experiences are defined by the quality of moments you create, and that’s why we’re dedicated to curating the finest selection of day tours in Cairo, Egypt. Our mission is to transform your visit into an extraordinary adventure where you’ll immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cairo’s history, culture, and iconic landmarks. Embark on a journey back in time as you explore the magnificent wonders of ancient Egypt. Picture yourself standing in awe before the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, marveling at their grandeur and mysteries that have captivated the world for centuries. Our expert guides, well-versed in Egyptology, will unravel the stories behind these architectural marvels, transporting you to an era of pharaohs and dynasties.

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Top 21 Cairo Day Trips

Private Felucca Ride Tour in Cairo

Felucca Ride Cairo can help you unwind and calm down. Use your time in Cairo to the fullest by taking a Felucca ride around the city. You can watch the sunrise and feel its warmth or take a cruise on the Felucca Boat at night. Cairo is known as the "city that never sleeps," so don't miss the chance to see all the fantastic and colorful sights at night!
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Wadi El Natrun Monastery Tour from Cairo

You may visit Wadi El Natrun Monastery and learn more about it. On our Wadi El Natrun Monastery Tour from Cairo, you'll see the four most notable monasteries in the area.
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Private Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo by Car

On your Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo, go to the Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqqafa and then to the Alexandria Library, which is the most famous library in Alexandria. Move on to Pompey's Pillar, which is a group of huge, single-piece pillars. The Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo also stops at the ancient defensive castle of Qaitbay.
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Private Islamic and Coptic Cairo Day Tour

Explore the most well-known places in Cairo, such as Islamic Cairo, Coptic Cairo, and the Khan Al Khalili. First, come with us on a fun tour of Islamic Cairo that stops at the Salah El Din Citadel. Next, learn about Old Cairo's past. Take in the fantastic views from Ben Ezra and The Hanging Church. You can also buy souvenirs at Khan El Khalili.
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Private Day Tour to Memphis and Sakkara

Visit the Sakkara Pyramid and Memphis, where Ptah was the most critical pagan god. Enjoy your Memphis and Sakkara Tours and many other Cairo Excursions with us. Memphis and Sakkara are roughly between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
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Camel or Horse Riding at Giza Pyramids

You can have fun riding a camel or horse at the Giza Pyramids. Visit the Valley Temple, which may have been used in the mummification process, and then ride a camel or a horse in the desert for about three hours.
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Private Luxor Day Tour from Cairo by Plane

Plane tours from Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor are a fun way to get there. After going to Luxor, go to the Karnak Temple on the East Bank, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon are both on the West Bank.
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Private Day-use tour in Ain Sukhna from Cairo

Day trip to the red sea from Cairo, El Ain Sokhna, The best and closest city of Cairo to the Red Sea, where you can enjoy the sun and swim in the pool or by the sea.
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Private Day Tour and Dahshur, Sakkara and Memphis

Private day tour in Cairo directed to Memphis, Saqqara, and the pyramids of Dahshur, where you visit the first capital of ancient Egypt, the city of Memphis, then continue your daily tour to visit Saqqara, where you see the pyramid of Djoser also known as the pyramid included in Saqqara, then finish your daily time by visiting the pyramids of Dahshur and the red pyramid.
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Overnight Luxor Tours from Cairo by plane

If you want to get away from the busy Egyptian capital city of Cairo for a night or two and do something fun and exciting, look no further than our overnight tours to Luxor from Cairo to the East and West Bank. The Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple are part of our overnight tours by plane from Cairo to Luxor.
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Private Day Tour to Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, and Dahshur

Visit the most emblematic monuments in Egypt with this tour that surprises you with one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; You cannot lose it; You will enjoy the first effect of the pulsating spirit of Egypt: the pyramids of Giza majestically against the blue sky, the Great Sphinx icon of mystery and excellence. The oldest step pyramid in Saqqara. You can discover the unique magic of the red and curved pyramid.
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Trip to Fayoum and Valley of the Whales

Wadi Hitan is a paleontology site where you can see many fossils from when whales started to evolve. Wadi el Rayan is an excellent place to relax and watch waterfalls.
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Private Half Day Tour to Pyramids of Giza

In Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza Tour is a great way to learn about Egypt's past. The Valley Temple, the Pyramids of Giza, Cheops, Chephren, Mykerinus, and the Sphinx all stop on the Giza Tour. We offer high-end trips to Cairo, showing the ancient Egyptians' outstanding achievements.
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Day Tour of Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo

Unique trip visits Old Cairo and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. NMEC is Egypt's newest and greatest museum. Also, see Old Coptic Cairo. If you wish to take me, I'll wait at the hotel. I can't come another way. Fustat's National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is your first destination. Along with royal mummies, this museum features ancient and contemporary Egyptian artifacts. This museum features a novel concept.
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Private Nile Dinner Cruise in Cairo City

During a romantic dinner cruise in Cairo with As, you can eat from an open buffet while Tanoura dancers spin on stage to traditional Sufi music. Before dinner on our Cairo Meal Cruise, belly dancers do their thing.
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Tanoura Show at Wekalet El Ghouri

The Tanoura Show is at Wekalet El Ghouri. On one of our trips there, you can see the magic of Wekalet El Ghouri, be amazed by the Tanoura Show, and learn about old ways of life. Take a walk through Khan El Khalili and Wekalet El Ghouri, a unique place in the heart of Islamic Cairo where you can see the amazing Tanoura Show by the whirling dervishes.
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Private Day Tour Cairo Sightseeing

Enjoy your amazing Cairo Day Tour to the Pyramids of Egypt and the Egyptian Museum with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant; it will be a great experience to explore the beauty of ancient history.
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Private Day Tour to Egyptian Museum and Pyramids of Giza

Enjoy your amazing Egypt Day Tour to the Pyramids of Egypt and the Grand Egyptian Museum with a special lunch at a local restaurant; it will be a fantastic experience to explore the beauty of ancient history mixed with cultural development through the Egyptian eras.
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Private Day Tour from Cairo to Fayoum Oasis

Take a trip from Cairo to Fayoum to see historical ruins from the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times, as well as beautiful natural scenery, waterwheels, and the beautiful lakes of Qaroun and Ain El Selection.
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Private Day Tour to Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo

Discover the Egyptian capital Cairo and explore the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cairo Citadel, and Khan El Khalili Bazaar with lunch at a Cairo restaurant, a private guide, and modern AC vehicle transportation.
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Private Day Tour to pyramids of Giza, Memphis and Saqqara

Enjoy the best tour to the pyramids of Giza; your private tour guide will take you to explore the pyramid of Khufu, Khufu, and Mycenos, and you can discover the ancient history when you visit Mit Saqqara and the city of life in Memphis.
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Egypt FAQs:

Egypt is a safe country to visit with a notable low crime rate, tourist attractions are well secured and there is no common negative attitude towards foreigners, with some sensible precautions and preparations you will feel at home and as safe as you’ll ever be.

The best time to visit Egypt is in autumn (September – November) and spring (February – April). The weather is relatively cold from December to January, except in the south, where winter is very mild. Sometimes summer should be avoided for climatic reasons. Cairo is hot and attractive in most of June through August, and most residents spend their holidays during this period, if possible. Upper Egypt and even the Red Sea coast can be uncomfortably hot during the summer.

There are a lot of things to do for a foreign traveler in Egypt. Apart from visiting and seeing ancient Egyptian temples and ancient artifacts in ancient Egypt, there is also plenty to see inside each city. In fact, every city in Egypt has its own charm of the things you see through its history, culture, activities, and people who are often different from their nature from people from other parts of Egypt. Cairo, for example, has a lot to do and see. Besides ancient Egyptian history, there is the history of the Romans, Greeks, Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire, Ottomans and finally the modern history of Egypt.

You can buy most things in Egypt but there are some things that you should bring with you if you want, such as sunscreen, a full hat to protect your face from the sun, a lock for your luggage and any medications you take except for course banned drugs. Egyptian pharmacies are very good, but the drug may be subject to names unknown to you. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is indispensable for wandering the ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. Do not forget that the most important thing to bring with you is the camera in order to take memorable pictures. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your trip and have a great time.

Many women travel alone to Egypt and find that they are safe. The tourism and military police are always close to all tourist places, and the Egyptians themselves are generally safe and trying to protect individual travelers. On the whole, Egypt is safer for individual travelers in more places like Greece, Italy or Spain. Please make sure to take the same precautions you would take anywhere else and do not tend to walk in the deserted areas alone: ​​take a taxi to your residence! You may receive some invitations, all of which are innocent, that doesn’t accept any of these from strangers.

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